a Bristol based

Check out some of my works below!


A personal interest project for RPG lovers. Choose a character and embark on a journey against the creatures of the dark.

Tech: React, SCSS, Firebase: database & hosting

To-do list

What to do, when life slaps you with a fish? Contribute today!

Tech: React, SCSS, Firebase: auth(Google) & database & hosting

In Collaboration

A real-life client project forged in an agile environment with love and care.

Tech: React, SCSS, Jest, Enzyme, Firebase: auth(facebook) & storage & database & hosting

Tug of War: the game

Pull the rope by smashing the keyboard with your friend!

Tech: vanilla Javascript, Css

Hostile Aliens

A mindless random-shooter using JS Classes and Starship Troopers theme.

Tech: vanilla Javascript, Css

My online CV

If you'd like to know more about me, check out my first ever online CV.

Tech: vanilla Javascript, Css